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Viking Rise x Vikings: Valhalla
As the leader of the Vikings, how will you lead your Tribe to explore, plunder, and conquer Midgard?
Famous Heroes from Norse mythology and Viking history are waiting to help with your quest. Will you devise your strategies and summon your wits to use their power?
In this competitive global game, what enemies will you encounter? What friendships will you gain?
[Viking Rise] is an online multiplayer, world-building, real-time war strategy game. You play as the leader of the Vikings, guiding your Tribe toward the uncharted world of Midgard. Explore, plunder, develop, hunt, and fight your way across undiscovered lands full of hidden dangers and opportunities. Lead your Viking Tribe to rise in this new world as you accrue massive wealth, fame, and power. Form an alliance with other players, protect one another from invading opponents, and defeat all enemies to conquer Midgard!
*Audiovisual Masterpiece*
Step into the world of the Vikings. Explore magnificent oceans and towering mountains, and experience realistic changes in the seasons. Delve deep into your Heroes' stories, set against the beauty of the vast Nordic landscape with its clear lakes and lush forests. Immerse yourself in the world of Midgard with a stunning original soundtrack composed by the renowned Mikolaj Stroinski.
*Global Multi-Player Battles*
Challenge players worldwide and prove you have what it takes to emerge victorious. Fight side by side with your allies to conquer both land and sea. Choose strategy, diplomacy, or warfare as you stake your claim on Midgard and build your Viking empire.
*Design Your Territory*
Expand and develop your territory to support your growing Tribe. Conquer surrounding areas, grow your population, and recruit talents to develop your land. Build villages and cities your way, under your rule! Whether you establish a commercial trading center, a land of rich resources, or a mighty military fortress, it's all within your control! With a wide variety of Viking-style structures to build from, personalize your territory!
*Naval Combat*
Lead the Vikings across unknown waters on your Drakkar Ship to conquer new lands. Use the sea to your advantage to launch surprise attacks on the enemy and plunder their resources! Sail to beat enemies traveling on land in the race to strategic territories, or use your ship to quickly retreat from unfavorable situations and ambush your enemies from the sea. Come up with unique strategies by combining your navigational and naval combat skills! 
*Real-Time Combat* 
Fight your enemies in real-time on a massive world map. Find strength in numbers as you form alliances to crush the vast enemy forces that seek to destroy you. Whether on land or sea, survey your battlefields and give commands in real-time. Adjust your combat strategies to devastate your foes. 
*Fight Alongside Viking Heroes* 
Summon legendary Viking Heroes to join you in battle! Recruit Ragnar, Bjorn, Ival the Boneless, Snake-eyed Sigurd, Harald Bluetooth, Rollo, Valkyrie, and other famous figures from Norse mythology. Build a Soul Altar, summon Heroes to fight for you, and become a true Viking ruler. 
*Tame the Ancient Dragon*
The raging beasts in Norse mythology are wreaking havoc on this land. Send your Heroes to hunt down these mythical beasts, craft legendary equipment, explore mysterious ruins and caves, and discover hidden treasure. Tame the mighty dragon and obtain a powerful boost on the battlefield. Make a name for yourself and become one of Midgard's greatest legends! 
Snow Musician

In the eyes of most Vikings, Yvette is always smiling. Regardless of her plights, she moves forward without hesitation or retreat.

Yvette is sometimes unsure of herself, but Hadewijch's constant companionship lifts her up. The old arctic owl shows no signs of aging and is always full of energy. It stays by the young Viking maiden's side and supports her through her sorrows. It also spurs her to mature quickly, and Yvette soon completes her divine servant's ordination. Unsurprisingly, Yvette developed her potential along the way.

When Yvette gives her all to perform, her music soothes everyone's wounds and strengthens their faith. If Yvette's music crescendoes, the courage in her heart blesses the fighting Vikings with invincibility.

The great servant of the gods is optimistic about Yvette. She firmly believes Yvette will be the devotee to inherit her mantle.

Dragon Slayer

Almost every Viking knows Ragnar and his many achievements. The one people remember most is when he slayed a dragon.

An evil dragon terrorized his city, destroying houses and fields. Many Vikings attempted to kill the beast, but never returned. The dragon was too powerful.

Ragnar stood up and took on the challenge. Unlike his predecessors, he didn't rush into the endeavor. Ragnar took the time to observe and analyze the dragon's strengths and weaknesses. He drew up a plan. With the help of a sorcerer, Ragnar coated his clothing with asphalt and sand to make them difficult to be destroyed. He took his spear and charged into the dragon's lair.

The dragon immediately sprang into action. Ragnar avoided its blows and made sure every stroke of his spear left a wound on the beast's body. The dragon soon ran out of strength. Ragnar ran after it while it was retreating and finally pierced the dragon's vital point. The asphalt armor shielded him from its poisonous blood.

He was then known as the Dragon Slayer. But Ragnar didn't stop there and continued his journey across Midgard. The world awaits more amazing feats from the legendary dragon slayer.

Axe of Wrath

Due to the extreme weather conditions in the Northernmost Border, resources for survival became rare commodities. To survive, the infamous Raider Troop emerged.

Erik, the Axe of Wrath, was a member of the Raider Troop. He's very powerful, and extremely skilled with his axe. Anyone who tries to go against Erik always meets a painful end. Erik followed the Raider Troop across the Northernmost Border, killing their people, looting supplies, committing one chilling crime after another, and becoming the target of the Vikings' vitriol.

As the Viking clans relocated, Erik's fate took a turn.

The Raider Troop had just arrived on Vanirneyjar when they were attacked by the Niflung army. Severely outnumbered, they couldn't fend off the Niflungs' overwhelming attack even with Erik's strength. The Raider Troop was decimated, and only a few survived, including Erik.

Because he was accustomed to being the victor, the haughty Erik was unable to accept defeat. Harboring hatred toward the Niflungs, he thus embarked on an arduous path to revenge.

"My axe remains full of wrath, and it thirsts for the Niflungs' blood."

Brutal Fighter

When the other Viking clans surrounded her village, Cecia and her clan were celebrating the resources they'd found that day. As flaming arrows rained down, her clan's cheers turned to screams. Raiders who had their eyes on the resources swarmed her village, taking it down in barbaric ways.

Ivor, who was passing by with the others, found Cecia among the corpses. She was badly wounded, and about to bleed to death. To save Cecia, the accompanying shaman had to use poison to raise the efficacy of the cure. Cecia was saved, but the poison's gnawing pain would be with her forever.

After Cecia recuperated, her personality underwent a huge change. She despised the brutality of raids and loathed being helpless, but could only watch as clans were destroyed. She learned to fight, and practiced hard every day. Under the watch of Ivor and the others, Cecia developed her potential at a frightening speed. She also became violent and extreme.

Nightmares haunted Cecia, and she vented her emotions on the battlefield. She joined Ivor's troop, and charged into battle on the frontlines. There will come a day when she'll be the most terrifying nightmare on the continent.

Soul Priestess

Lindy comes from the ancient and mysterious Sterling family. Because of Jormungand's blessing, each Sterling can understand the serpent language and manipulate its spirit. This gift was most evident in Lindy, so she was elected as the Serpent Priestess, shouldering the important task of guarding the family.

Unlike the previous priests, who were sticklers for the rules, Lindy was committed to using her gift for greater possibilities. After studying many of the clan's ancient texts, she successfully developed a very powerful poisonous mist. The mist was soon used in battle and the effect was immediate. Lindy was greatly encouraged and became more determined to devote herself to the research and development of snake venom.

"Since we have a gift, let's push it to its limits."

Swamp Spirit

On a snowy night, Snorri's clan was invaded by raiders who sneaked in during the night to steal supplies, burning down the village in the process. When Snorri, who was away, hurriedly followed the light from the fire and returned, the clan was left in ruins without a single survivor.

Snorri lost everything in one night. He wept in the ruins, prayed for help, and finally gained clarity. With hatred for the cruel raiders and his own powerlessness, Snorri decided to engrave his clan's totem on every inch of his body as a reminder and began a long and painful practice.

"If the totem is immortal, so is the clan."


As a clan leader, Hobert is a man of great strength. He excels in combat, has a muscular body, and is fearless. Those traits lend him invincibility in battle. Even so, Hobert could not save his people from the Niflungs.

One night, the sinister and shrewd Niflung troops attacked Hobert's clan. Despite Hobert and his people's relentless resistance, they could not prevent the destruction and tragedy that befell them. The moribund Hobart was snatched from death's claws. He allowed himself to briefly mourn before pulling himself together. He staunchly believes the souls of his brave clansmen have entered Valhalla, and he will be reunited with them in the future.

The lone Hobert joined a mercenary regiment to fight the Niflungs while searching for any of his surviving clansmen.

Viking Eye

In his youth, Artur was a famous traveling sorcerer, who traveled all around Midgard. His decisiveness stems from his wealth of experience, and allows him to either be the steadiest or the most daring.

After war with the Niflungs broke out, Artur was unwilling to wait in defense. He gathered the best warriors, and attempted to infiltrate the Niflung Fort. However, Artur underestimated the Niflungs, and was quickly discovered and surrounded. To cover the others while they retreated, Artur chose to stay behind alone. In the end, his body was consumed in the underworld fire.

No one knew how Artur escaped from the clutches of the Niflungs. They only remembered him appearing outside of the camp with his body on fire. Fortunately, after a long rest, the surviving Artur only lost an eye and his magical ability to temporarily suppress the underworld fire and use it for himself. Artur vowed to make the Niflungs suffer as much as he did.


Verdandi was an unremarkable member of her clan. Her frail body gave her no advantage in close combat. She was also criticized for dousing her arrows in potions. Some stubborn Vikings hold onto traditions tightly, and rarely think of other ways to fight in complex situations, but not Verdandi.

It wasn't until war with the Niflungs broke out that Verdandi truly shone. While the archers realized their regular arrows couldn't take down Niflungs in one shot, Verdandi took out the enemies with her potion proficiency. Few targets could escape Verdandi's pursuit after being shot, for Verdandi also has a clever pet wolf named Rebecca. The Elders noticed, and held a special meeting to enlist Verdandi as part of the elite scouts.

"Verdandi is an intelligent warrior. She doesn't conform blindly. She knows how to play to her strengths, and hide her weaknesses. I'm glad we didn't overlook her talents."

Cold Spirit

The practice of applying poison to weapons is criticized and frowned upon by traditional Viking warriors. But the law doesn't prohibit it, so Sheila "paints" her crossbows and arrows with poison. This particular poison glows in myriad colors under the sunlight and takes effect as soon as it reaches its victim.

Before picking up her weapons, Sheila was just a normal girl. As she was still young, battle and hunting weren't her calling yet. She focused on cleaning the crossbows, making sure they were in tip-top condition. Although a wee lass, she was very careful and meticulous in her tasks. This invited a lot of teasing from the adults, and while Sheila found it annoying, her precocious demeanor often made others break into hearty laughter.

Sheila's fate changed in a blizzard at dusk. Her family was against the chief's decision to confront the Niflungs, so they were exiled from the tribe and had to leave overnight in the harsh blizzard. They were soon discovered and pursued by Niflung sentries. Only Sheila survived the massacre.

Sheila was rescued by a nearby Viking clan and adopted by its leader, Waltham. Waltham taught Sheila how to make various herbs and potions, but Sheila was more interested in creating poisons. Waltham resorted to confiscating Sheila's collection of toxic substances, but she was too stubborn to give up. Sheila's countless attempts to concoct poisons behind Waltham's back caused him to eventually give in.

In addition to a variety of lethal poisons, Sheila also made a powerful "tonic" to sharpen one's senses, allowing its consumer to fight with greater power for a longer period of time. Sheila considers this potion the ace up her sleeve. Even the Elders are dying to know its formula!


Oracle Varka is a prominent figure among heroic Vikings. Despite her youthful appearance, everyone knows a formidable soul lies within her.

Varka was not born with divine powers. She was an ordinary Viking girl before the attacks. The Vikings lived in the cold Northenmost Border then and conflicts arose when the people competed for scarce resources. Varka was separated from her people when they were raided on a dark and snowy night. The chilly night gale pricked every inch of her skin as she wandered into a forest. But Varka gritted her teeth and ventured through the thick snow to seek refuge to make it through the night.

A crumbling ruin appeared before Varka after she bypassed the snow-covered woods. She recognized the place as an abandoned shrine from the broken stone pillars. Fatigue overwhelmed Varka and she slumped against a wall, muttering a prayer.

The blizzard did not take Varka's life. The answer to her prayers came when dawn broke. Varka awoke to find that a barrier had kept her warm. She felt a stream of divine energy surge into her body. As she regained her strength, Varka rose from the ground and walked out of the forest, as if under the guidance of the gods.

Varka gained the ability to communicate with the gods. As the years went by, Varka was astonished to notice she had stopped aging. Varka is grateful for the gods' blessing, and uses her power to help others. After the Niflung invasion, Varka joined the Viking resistance, lighting the way forward.

"The gods will always protect the Vikings."


If he wasn't born a Viking, Gregory would have been a mad artist. In a way, he's still an artist. When Gregory is on the battlefield, he artfully beats the warm drums.

Gregory enjoys fighting, and follows a rhythm of his own. He ties the double-headed drum to himself, and beats it with his axe handle as he charges at his enemies. There's more to Gregory's drumming than just its infectious beat. It's a command. It's power. The people around him roar to his drumming, and their attacks grow stronger, as if Gregory is channeling strength into them.

"We can't explain how Gregory does it. It's not magic, sorcery, or divine power. It all comes down to his innate artistic talent."

Divine Servant

Since his birth, Jens' innate divinity made him the center of the clan's attention. They viewed his ability as a blessing from Odin, so when Jens was still a child, he was sent to practice with the divine servants in the temple.

With his talent and diligence, Jens soon surpassed the other apprentices. When he came of age, he was the youngest divine servant in history. The grand divine servant had great hopes for Jens, giving him the best tutelage, and intending to have Jens succeed him. However, Jens declined, and left the temple.

Jens did not mean to give up the divine practice. On the contrary, he craved improvement. But the small temple could no longer satisfy his desire for knowledge. To gain more experience, Jens left his homeland and began a long journey across Midgard.

For decades, Jens traveled to every corner of Midgard. He gained a lot of experience and knowledge during those years, and became known as the Great Divine Servant.

When the war between the Niflungs and the Vikings broke out, Jens was still traveling. But under Odin's guidance, he crossed the ocean to Vanirneyjar to help the Vikings.

Snake Eye

When he was born, the natural serpentine pattern above his pupils made Sigurd the most talked about individual in the Northernmost Border. Bizarre legends and speculations sprang up: divine blessings, the Lord of Serpents, the incarnation of Jormungand... it goes on and on. Some worshipped him, some reviled him, but no matter the argument, all seemed to confirm Sigurd's life was not destined to be ordinary.

Sigurd does have superior skills. The snake-like insight and execution allow him to surpass his peers and be the best in his clan. His calm and decisive nature makes Sigurd a powerful presence on the battlefield. Sigurd also has the unique ability to control the serpent, though he does not often use it. If an arrogant individual comes knocking, Sigurd will show them how terrible a cold-blooded animal can be.

Lady of Snow

No matter where she is in the clan, Ivana's presence can always be felt. She's like the light, bringing help and guidance to anyone who's suffering.

There's no doubt that everyone adores Ivana. Her thoughtful care and constant smiles are the reasons she's inherently thought of as friendly and kind.

It's also why everyone was shocked when a uniformed Ivana appeared on the battlefield during a bloodbath.

Contrary to her gentle appearance, Ivana was born a talented warrior in the snowy Northernmost Border. With her strong self-discipline and willpower, her swordsmanship improved by leaps and bounds, and she became top of her troop. She's kind to her people, but shows her enemies no mercy. She followed Ivor to conquer the Northernmost Border, guarding the peace of her people as she charged ahead on the frontline.

After being ambushed by the Niflungs, Ivana focused on finding her people, who had been scattered across the continent. Although it's difficult to find them, the optimistic Ivana remains confident.

"I will not give up on my people."

Deer Head

On a dark, moonless night, the Niflungs attacked Laird's village. The villagers tried their best to fend them off, but couldn't escape a tragic end.

Laird is the only survivor in his clan. When the divine servants found him, he was laying among the dead, enduring the pain of the underworld fire by his lonesome. The fire disfigured him, and attempted to steal his consciousness. To save the young and fragile Laird, the divine servants rushed him to the shrine, and a long treatment began.

With the divine servants' persevering efforts, the underworld fire in Laird's body was gradually quelled, and his innate divinity also granted him the ability to manipulate fire. Unfortunately, Laird remains disfigured. Thus, he wears a deer mask to hide his ghastly looks.

After Laird was healed, he chose to remain at the shrine. He practices with the divine servants to save more people from their suffering.

"The underworld fire may have destroyed Laird's face, but it will never destroy the nobility in his heart."

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